Not your average health and wellness coach certification.

We certify successful Health and Community Wellness Coaches to transform lives and create industry-level change.

Rooted in excellence and committed to progress.

As a Saluto Institute Certified Health and Community Wellness Coach, you’ll have access to a cutting-edge educational approach, comprehensive program, and compassionate team that supports your learning journey and equips you to make an impact.

An educational approach grounded in truth, not trends.

Explore holistic health education that's universally applicable, so you can coach based on timeless fundamentals, not passing trends.
Dive into a curriculum built on the latest evidence, empowering you with cutting-edge knowledge and skills to lead in the field.
Learn how to transcend conditions and practice bioindividual coaching that addresses diverse health needs.
Champion health and wellness equity with tools and insights to address varied health challenges, making you a catalyst for change.

A transformative program tailored to your life.

Begin your career journey with flexible payment plans, no large upfront investment necessary.
Experience accessible learning with a variety of ways to interact with the material, ensuring success for students of all backgrounds.
Immerse yourself in a program designed for your success, featuring app-based learning for on-the-go access and ultimate convenience.
Control the pace of your learning journey, allowing you to finish the program at your preferred speed and align with life's demands.

A team that cares about you and the health of your community.

Learn from a team with various professional backgrounds in the industry, bringing unique perspectives and lived experiences to enrich your learning journey.
Participate in collaborative learning opportunities that foster engagement and knowledge exchange among students and faculty.
Benefit from a community-oriented approach, gaining insights into how individual health and community well-being are interconnected.
Engage with faculty members who actively challenge the status quo, dedicating themselves to making health and wellness accessible and equitable for all.

A supportive environment throughout your certification journey.

Develop critical thinking skills to confidently analyze complex health situations and make informed decisions in your coaching practice.
Access comprehensive career pathway preparation and career transition planning, equipping you with the tools and guidance to navigate your new profession.
Acquire training in cultural competence, giving you the skills to work effectively with diverse populations and understand the impact of cultural factors on health and wellness.
Utilize customizable graduate resources to continuously enhance your knowledge and skills as a Health and Community Wellness Coach.

An exceptional certification program for exceptional people.

You're driven by a passion for health and wellness, armed with valuable lived experience, and committed to becoming the best health and wellness coach you can be — so we’ll help get you there.

Receive the knowledge, skills, and support to set yourself apart from the rest and revolutionize the way health and community wellness coaching is done.

A credential you can trust.

We've carefully sought out accreditations and memberships from respected organizations that share our commitment to elevating the standards and making health and wellness education more accessible and inclusive.