Health coaches are superheroes in disguise.

Harness your strengths and change lives as a Certified Health and Community Wellness Coach.

What is a Health and Community Wellness Coach?

A Health and Community Wellness Coach is a supportive partner who is skilled in equipping individuals and communities with the support, guidance, education, and strategies they need to promote health and well-being. They work closely with individuals, groups, organizational leaders, and communities to define and achieve their health goals.

The world needs more health coaches.

We are grappling with rising rates of chronic disease, mental health challenges, stress, isolation, and inequitable access to health and wellness care.
Something needs to change and Health and Community Wellness Coaches are primed to help.
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60% of people suffer from a chronic disease.
1 in 3 people have prediabetes.
Heart disease is the leading cause of death for adults.
Less than 3% of Americans lead a healthy lifestyle.
Nearly 50% of young adults report symptoms of anxiety and depression.
LGBTQIA+ individuals and people of color often experience care that is diminished or withheld.
Primary care visits average only 18 minutes.

How health coaches help:

The supportive partner.
Empower individuals to make positive changes to their health through personalized goal setting.
The missing puzzle piece.
Serve as the vital link, bridging the gap between clinical care providers and patients, ensuring increased access to care and quality of life.
The advocate.
Tackle complex health issues and challenge the status quo to work towards a world with improved health access and outcomes.
The encourager.
Help people embrace lifestyle shifts, recognize their strengths, and foster new perspectives, enabling them to overcome challenges with renewed motivation.
The health guide.
Act as a knowledgeable source, offering education, evidence-based information on health and wellness, and practical techniques for managing mental and physical well-being.
The community connector.
Foster a sense of belonging and connection, recognizing the interconnectedness of individuals and communities and providing a sense of support to others along their health journey.
The safe space.
Create a nurturing environment where others feel heard, understood, and supported as they learn and unlearn concepts of health.
A good coach is:
- choose one -
You have the stamina to dive deep into topics that interest you, allowing you to explore health and wellness concepts and share your learnings enthusiastically with others.
You create a supportive and empowering environment that encourages others to be better versions of themselves.
You have a genuine curiosity and interest in understanding others — from their values and beliefs to their reasoning behind their thoughts and choices.
You have determination and resilience, allowing you to overcome obstacles and see things as opportunities for growth.
Your love for others is evident, you allow others to feel seen and safe to explore their complexities and obstacles.
You are quick to offer meaningful words of encouragement and support to those around you.
You understand the complexities of others and recognize that all good things —like relationships, goals, and behaviors, take time.
You are a trusted individual in your relationships, providing comfort and confidence for others to share their vulnerabilities.
You are naturally able to pick up on subtle cues and provide personalized guidance and support to those around you.
You maintain a sense of hope and optimism, inspiring others to believe in themselves and their future.

Feel like a natural born coach?

Explore how the Saluto Institute Health and Community Wellness Coach certification program helps you hone your gifts.

Endless career possibilities.

Our program focuses on what truly matters and eliminates the unnecessary and outdated. With our revolutionized approach to education and certification, you’ll unlock a world of opportunities.

Work for:
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We equip students to excel in delivering health and community wellness coaching within digital health settings. Our students gain proficiency in health research and healthcare technologies, so they can effectively connect with patients, provide remote support, and adapt coaching techniques for
virtual interactions.
Our comprehensive curriculum provides students with the necessary skills to work confidently in hospitals. Students learn effective communication strategies and health and wellness terminology to effectively collaborate with clinicians and facilitate impactful care.
Our coursework prepares students for successful careers in telemedicine companies by teaching them how to navigate the virtual healthcare landscape and collaborate with clinicians. With this knowledge, our students leverage digital tools and personalized coaching strategies for meaningful telemedicine based coaching.
We equip students for impactful work in public health agencies by offering a comprehensive curriculum on community nutrition and fitness, cultural humility, accessibility, and inclusivity. Our training empowers students to recognize and address health disparities, and promote equitable health outcomes.
Our students gain the knowledge and skills to succeed in health insurance settings. By exploring comparative health systems and health and wellness terminology, students understand the intricacies of different health delivery models and develop a strong foundation in the language used within the health insurance industry.
We prepare our students with the confidence and competence to collaborate with training providers and educate aspiring professionals in this field. With training in therapeutic communication, health psychology, behavior science, and cultural sensitivity, our coaches are capable of creating comprehensive and inclusive training programs.
Our education empowers students to excel in university wellness centers. With diverse case studies and in-depth exploration of topics like trauma's impact on health, health anxiety, social media's influence on wellness, and behavior science, students gain a solid foundation to support college students on their wellness journey.
Our students are capable of confidently working in health marketing agencies, knowing they can develop health marketing materials that are evidence-based, accurate, and ethical. We teach students to identify health propaganda, misinformation, and disinformation, so they don’t perpetuate it.
We provide students with in-depth training in behavior change and health psychology, ensuring their ability to thrive in wellness subscription companies. With evidence-based coaching strategies, our students can make a significant impact on the wellness of subscription members.
Our program delves into fitness, nutrition, and behavior change, equipping students with a profound understanding of optimizing physical health. Our students can excel in fitness companies, empowering individuals to overcome challenges, stay motivated, and achieve their goals.
We equip students with the skills to forge their own path as entrepreneurs. Whether establishing private practices, creating innovative products, or providing valuable consulting services to businesses, our program provides you with the knowledge to succeed in entrepreneurial endeavors within the health and wellness industry.

Transform your passion into your profession.

We’ll help cultivate your expertise so you can become a Health and Community Wellness Coach who makes a difference.
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