Transforming health and wellness coaching to care for the modern, multidimensional world.

Leading the way in health and wellness coaching education that meets the needs of individuals and communities.

At the Saluto Institute, we recognize the need for a new approach in the health and wellness industry — one that addresses the evolving challenges of our modern world and embraces the multidimensional aspects of well-being.
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Chart a new path in health and wellness by moving beyond traditional coaching methods to learn innovative and inclusive practices.
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Identify the natural nuances of health with an educational approach that addresses the unique needs of individuals and communities.
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Focus on holistic, comprehensive well-being that allows you to make a lasting impact on the health and lives of others.

A fresh perspective on health and community wellness.

Our educational approach is anything but traditional.
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Address health and wellness in its totality, understanding the interconnection of physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being.
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Gain expertise rooted in the latest scientific research and practices so you can provide effective coaching and achieve better health outcomes.
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Uncover your unique strengths and values, fostering confidence as you embark on your journey to become a skilled and self-assured coach.
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Embrace a bioindividual coaching approach, allowing you to tailor support and guidance with each person's specific health needs.
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Master coaching techniques that are sensitive to diverse cultures, identities, and lived experiences to create safe and inclusive spaces for your clients.
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Recognize and address systemic health barriers, gaining the skills to break down barriers and advocate for inclusive and accessible wellness.

Unlock your potential.

We are committed to preparing you for success as a certified Health and Community Wellness Coach, providing you with well-rounded education that allows you to hone your natural gifts and talents in coaching.

Expansive course content.
Gain expertise in behavior change strategies, motivational interviewing, nutrition, fitness, stress management, and more.
Practical application.
Put your learning into action through case studies, interactive exercises, and real-world scenarios.
Seasoned support.
Receive ongoing support and guidance from instructors, mentors, and success advisors dedicated to your growth.
Interactive learning experiences.
Conduct client coaching sessions and receive professional feedback to enhance your skills and confidence.
Recognized certification.
Upon completion, receive a certification that opens doors to a fulfilling career path in health and community wellness coaching.

We support dreamers, thinkers, healers, and world-changers.

Our program is designed for individuals like you — driven by a profound passion for health and wellness, ignited by your personal health journeys.

Whether you are an experienced health professional or new to this industry, you share the same hope and optimism that fuels our vision of a world where everyone has access to and agency over their well-being.

Together, we’ll cultivate a culture of health and wellness, transforming lives one coaching session at a time.

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We provide unmatched training.

We offer unrivaled Health and Community Wellness Coach training because we care about the details other programs overlook.

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Expert faculty.

Learn from industry professionals and experienced thought leaders who bring a wealth of knowledge and insights to guide your learning journey.
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Cutting-edge resources.

Access relevant coaching tools, evidence-based research, and comprehensive materials that keep you at the forefront of the evolving health and wellness field.
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Supportive community.

Join our vibrant and inclusive Saluto community as we foster connections, collaboration, and ongoing support throughout your educational training.

Join the revolution in health and wellness.

Ready to make a difference in the lives of others as a Health and Community Wellness Coach?

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A credential you can trust.

We've carefully sought out accreditations and memberships from respected organizations that share our commitment to elevating the standards and making health and wellness education more accessible and inclusive.