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We are dedicated to guiding you throughout your exploration of health and community wellness coaching. Reach out to a Saluto Admissions & Success Advisors to determine if our program aligns with your life and career aspirations.
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We welcome your questions.

Choosing a health coach certification program is a big decision. We're here to provide clarity so you can take the first step towards your future with confidence.
How long do I have to complete the program?

There are no mandatory live classes, so you can work at a speed that fits into your life and all of its demands. Finish in as quickly as you can, or take up to 12 months. It's your choice!

Do you offer payment plans for program enrollment?

Yes. We understand that being able to afford your education is important. That's why we've partnered with Shop Pay (powered by Affirm) and PayPal Credit to offer flexible payment plans that fit within your personal budget. If you are not approved for these options, get in touch with us to discuss a customized payment plan.

Are there prerequisites to becoming a Saluto Health and Community Wellness Coach?

At this time, we're only able to enroll people who are residents of the United States, are 18 years of age or older, and have a fundamental ability to read, write and understand English. Otherwise, there are no prior classes or certifications are necessary to enroll in our Health and Community Wellness Coach Certification Program. Your passion and lived experience is valuable enough!

Is Saluto Institute accredited?

Yes! Our program has been granted accreditation by the ANWCB and AANWC, allowing our graduates to sit for the Board Certified Health Coach (BCHC) examination. You can learn more about our accreditation status, approvals, and organizational members on our Accreditations & Approvals pages.

Who developed the program and course content?

Our curriculum was developed by a diverse team of university professors, health and wellness researchers, licensed nutrition and medical professionals, and practicing health and wellness coaches. Our entire team has an array of lived experiences and have worked with people in marginalized and systemically oppressed communities.

What makes Saluto Institute's certification program different from others?

Our Certified Health and Community Wellness Coach Program stands apart from other health coaching options in a variety of ways:

  • We offer the most progressive, inclusive, and multidimensional education in the field of health and wellness by going beyond conventional methods to address the diverse and evolving health challenges of our modern world while embracing the interconnected aspects of well-being. 
  • Our curriculum reflects a commitment to holistic, evidence-based, and person-centered coaching, while promoting inclusivity, equity, and empowering students to make a lasting impact on the well-being of individuals and communities.
  • You'll learn from leaders, professors, and experts in the fields of health science, wellness education, nutrition, and public health. Our belief is that learning from professionals with extensive expertise in these domains is essential for real world success.
  • We offer unlimited access to faculty Q&A sessions and personalized coaching with success advisors, ensuring you have ample opportunities to seek guidance and support as you progress.