Last updated September 26, 2023

We acknowledge that most health and wellness certification providers and online learning experiences aren't created with the needs of those with disabilities in mind.

Here's what we've done and what we're doing to make our website, program, and content more accessible:

Involving people with lived experience

From day one, we've involved people with disabilities in the development of our curriculum, website, and business strategy. We've received and applied (and continue to receive and apply) feedback, guidance, and criticism from people with lived experience and subject-matter expertise in digital web accessibility, ableism, and disability justice.

Striving to exceed Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards

Our website development and engineering teams always aim for compliance with WCAG standards. We are regularly making modifications and improvements to our website, content, and learning experience to promote greater accessibility.

Captions and transcripts

All of our videos include captions and written transcripts.

Technology and partner selection process

We prioritize technology and vendors who prioritize accessibility and are aware of the systemic implications of ableism. For example, our digital textbook distribution and digital e-reader partner, VitalSource, is globally recognized for their commitment to advancing accessibility in online education. We also intentionally seek our partners, vendors, and freelance talent that is owned and/or operated by people with a disability.

Commitment to continuous improvement

Saluto was founded and is owned by individuals with several disabilities, and their lived experience informs the way we make any and all business decisions. We are committed to making an intentional and diligent effort to improve accessibility internally and externally as an organization.

Openness to feedback

We invite any and all questions, concerns, comments, feedback, and suggestions regarding accessibility. You may contact us in the following ways:

  • Email: hello@salutoinstitute.com
  • Phone: 844-725-8867 (call or text)
  • Mail: 521 Concorde Pike, Suite 301-256, Wilmington, DE 19803, United States